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 Haunted Light House Of Michigan

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PostSubject: Haunted Light House Of Michigan   Thu Sep 27, 2007 12:58 pm

I can and will claim that I have not only been to this lighthouse, I also know who Haunts it. It is the grandfather of a friend of mine. He was lighthouse keeper there for many years. I have met his widow who claims he speaks to her and this Ghost is in fact him.

Ghosts and old lighthouses seem to go together. Many lighthouses have ghosts, or atleast tales of ghosts, that usually revolve around lonely lighthouse keepers or ship wrecks caused by some failure tp keep the tower light burning. The commonly haunted spot in an old lighthouse is invariably the stairs to the tower. Why? Those who are familiar with a "residual" haunting will say that the energy expended on those stairs has left an imprint that repeats itself over and over again causing the sound of phantom footsteps to be heard. When the human occupants of the lighthouse try to track down a source for the sounds... there is usually no one else there.

There are also those other lighthouses haunted by phantoms from the past that still reach out to the present day. The tower of Michigan's old Saginaw River Light is said to be a place where a ghost of the past may walk... or atleast it sounds as if it does. This lighthouse is said to be haunted, but no one really knows who the ghost might be. Many believe that that it could be the spirit of an old lighthouse keeper who died in the building. Before passing on, he begged his family to keep the light burning and to never let it burn out. By all accounts, the family did just that and the light was kept burning for many years. Shortly after the Coast Guard took over the light, strange things started to be reported there. Namely it was the sound of heavy boots on the iron staircase that were often heard. When the men would go to check and see who was on the stairs, they would find no one there.
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Haunted Light House Of Michigan
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