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 Ghost – True or False?

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PostSubject: Ghost – True or False?   Wed Sep 29, 2010 10:08 am

This article can be found at:

We have all heard stories of some sort of paranormal activity, from family members, friends, and even acquaintances. Just one question do you actually believe them? Below are stories from my family about our accounts with the unexplained….

My experience dates back to when I was just a baby. My mother told me that one day I was in my bedroom apparently waking up from a nap. As she was walking upstairs, she reached my bedroom door and heard giggles then saw me reaching for someone by the closet. The only problem was there was no one else in the room.

On another account, I was in my crib when my mom brought me a bottle. She placed it on the stand and left the room for just a minute. When she returned, I had my bottle.

was not told of these two experiences until I was older. I cannot remember them and in fact, I never believed her. Now that I am older and have had my share of strange experiences, I do believe.

My family has always felt like something or someone was there. Every house they have ever lived in, had unexplained noises and spooky shadows of the unknown.

One night my father was watching television, he happened to catch out of the corner of his eye my sister walking down the steps and into the kitchen. After awhile he wondered why she never came back out of the kitchen. He went to check to see if she was still in there, and came to find out she never came downstairs and never went into the kitchen.

My mother explained a time when she was sitting in the dining room, talking on the telephone. As she looked over towards the staircase, she saw a black figure glide up the stairs. That day she got a call that her half-brother had passed away.

From books to movies ghosts have been apart of not only American culture but also many cultures around the world. Some are skeptical when it comes to real-life occurrences, but then there are the ones who dedicate a majority of their life trying to find answers. It is beyond our thinking as to why ghosts and other mysterious beings are among us. Is it because of unfinished business, lost in a dimension, or simply forced to walk the earth in sin. No one really knows.

Read more: http://socyberty.com/paranormal/ghost-true-or-false/#ixzz10sOywreU
Read more: http://socyberty.com/paranormal/ghost-true-or-false/#ixzz10sOpsZH0

Read more: http://socyberty.com/paranormal/ghost-true-or-false/#ixzz10sOkr6mU
Read more: http://socyberty.com/paranormal/ghost-true-or-false/#ixzz10sOMYeEZ
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Ghost – True or False?
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